Virtual LongCode

Retain your trusted and new customers through exciting quiz, contest and polls.

Virtual long codes, often referred as virtual long code have completely changed the scenario of marketers while making their promotions in market. SMS Service is a varied feature that allows sharing of all the business contests, polls, new launches, suggestions, games, information, feedbacks, quiz and promotions on the user's mobile numbers.

  • Through such process mobile users may easily make a feedback to it just by texting back their cases or response to that particular generated long number.
  • It is a great substitute of short codes where VOIP phones, Google voice and mobile numbers are easily accessible.
Virtual long Codes are Unique Characters, beneficial for all the marketers...
  • Completely virtual in its characteristics: Virtual long codes are a virtual live mobile number, which could be in an order of ten digit code or special alphanumeric code, for example AIG 4545 and MAAD000044419. Entire data could be extracted out easily by the client's customer through such process.
  • Furnish Your Uniqueness Far and Wide: Transmit all your promotional SMS and other contests, feedbacks, suggestions, games, information or newsletter to millions of mobile operators through our virtual long code service provider interface. It's the superfast means of making your customers get an idea about your features and characteristics. A lot more would immediately make a reply to your offers and inquiries.
  • Power of Instant and Bulk Message Delivery: Our long code service would help your customer group to make a quick reply and calls of all the contests or promotional patterns without a breach of connectivity. It's simply fast and does not require any special tariff vouchers to be included for making its reply.
  • Make every call important: Our virtual long code would help you to make a contact with the customers 24x7, without a failure of connecting lines. Entire calls, advertisements, campaigns could be easily handled through a single interface.
How can you serve these Virtual Long Codes for your customers?

Go processing is a virtual number provider, Indian bulk SMS providers and SMS getaway service provider. To all individuals who are looking forward to make it accessible for their customer group. Our long codes are pre generated virtual numbers, which are maximizing the reach of the customer group circle of all our clients.

  • No doubt our service remains out to be free from any interruption or congestion.
  • Feel free to go for such services if you get a feel to enhance your potential customers and market as we are a leading virtual long code service provider.
  • Virtual long codes are just a virtual number that we allot to our client group, who further distribute it to their customer users for their different marketing campaigns.
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