Money Transfer

Go Processing is a leading online money remittance api provider which specializes in instant money transfer service to any bank across India. We facilitate a quick and secure online money transfer api without any risk involved.
Instant Transfer of your funds within a few seconds...

Online Money Remittance Services are the latest offerings by social internet engineering. An individual can do instant money transfer online to any bank account without any hassle. An individual do not need to worry about personal data theft and transaction time. Whole fund transaction process happen within seconds and compiled with RBI guidelines.

7 Reasons To Choose Go Processing For Instant Money Transfer. The reasons for which our money remittance api remain exclusive is due to...
  • Quick interface: We have developed our money transfer api in such a manner that you can transfer money online in less than 3 seconds. Just enter the amount, you wish to transfer with beneficiary account number and make a click to proceed the transaction. As simple as it sounds.
  • Secure channel: We are GeoTrust certified service which simply means we have pledged to provide you a highly secure online and mobile channels for instant money transfer. We have taken all safety measurements compiled with latest internet technology to provide you a hack-free, and spam-free interface, secure from any kind of misuse.
  • No hidden charge: Go Processing does not make any lame deduction for every valid money remittance either from remitter or beneficiary side. You are free to request any number of money transaction process; we will never extra charge you for our services.
  • Mobile Friendly: You don't need to worry about personal computer and internet connection. With Go Processing, you can transfer money by SMS.
  • Anywhere in India: Money Transfer API Service from Go Processing is not limited to metro cities and urban centers of India, we also provide our mobile money remittance api service in rural India. We have reached every single destination, where there is severe crisis of connectivity. It is just a matter of a simple call, and you will find us, standing with you in no time.
  • 24x7 Availability: We are here for you, 24x7 and 365 days. Simply means, Our money remittance api also works on bank and reserved holidays. With our instant money transfer api, you can easily remit money anywhere and anytime in India. Because we believe in high quality service and we value your emotions.
  • SMS Affirmation: With our money remittance api, both involved parties, remitter and beneficiary gets SMS affirmation within 3 seconds for each valid transaction. So you don't need to worry about any transaction failure or mishap.

We are currently offering our instant money transfer service through more than 20,000 local agents across India and we are adding more service locations and agents by each day. All you just need contact your local Go Processing agent to benefit from our instant money transfer api service.

If you are looking to become a Go Processing agent, or want to start a white-label money remittance business using our world-class money transfer api, we are happy to hear from your side.

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