Cancellation and Return Policy


We love to bring best for the customer, for every single transaction you have made with us in past or at current time period. We want you to experience a stress free acquisition of all your necessities and business stocks.

We assure you about the authenticity of entire product and service categories sold on are 100% reasonable. In case of any discontent or dissatisfaction with our product usage or services, you would be served with No Concern & Easy Return policy as per our commitment.

Our products categorizing into Data card are backed by the 3 Day return or exchange policy in case of any error while making recharge, from the day of its acquisition or registration before

Our Return Terms

  • Some particular product or services such as DTH, Tickets are only liable for exchange or returns once acquired from Go Processing Limited, rest all stuffs are non refundable.
  • In case an individual hasn't received a recharge in his or her account then in such scenario user may lodge a complaint for refund of amount or making reacquisition of the orders, from our service department.
  • A Product or service liable under return policy could be processed within 2-3 days of its delivery just by dropping a cancellation mail to our website or making a contact with our customer care on +91 11 66662323.
  • User needs to be alert that he or she does not accept the orders from third party operating with our name in Indian locations. We are single service chain and do not have third party source for our sales.


Cancellation norms of Go Processing Limited follow special norms for its few categories of products or services. There are no cancellations accepted for the products or services that are beyond our control of acceptance due to companies or operators norms such as Mobile recharge, Insurance premium and so on. Once you have signed up to a particular service through our interface the cancellations rule does not apply for those sign up charges.

Once you request the cancellation of particular service it may take up to 2-3 working days to register your cancellation request and make a refund of your amount. However, if you opt to get back your funds to its original source then it may take up to 4-5working days to serve.

Our Cancellation terms

  • You need to get in touch with bank for getting any regards on such process, and you would be notified through instant mails.
  • We would only return the amount of your ticket cancellation once we get an alert through that particular ticketing company. The entire process of refund of amount originally depends upon the serving companies norms.
  • You need to remember that our responsibility is only limited with offering a valid recharge or refund of amount to users. We regret to accept any other liability or claim, generated from failed interface of Go Processing Limited.
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